About Us

When my parents came to the great U S of A, they always wanted us to become successful; you know, graduating college and becoming doctors and lawyers and blah blah blah... (Asian parents….iykyk)  Well, that didn’t happen. *sigh* Growing up in a predominantly Caucasian small town in Utah and being Cambodian, we definitely stood out. My sister and I weren’t bad kids but we found ourselves being stuck in the regular 9-5 manufacturing jobs while trying to go to college but we ultimately dropped out of school. (Whoopsie…sorry mom and pops.. we tried) whelp…15+ years later…

I am now an Esthetician, my older sister is an Electrologist and my little sister is a quality tech at a vitamin company. We’re doing great but with the support of my husband, I decided to open up an online store is to prove that here in America, anything is possible and anyone can be successful!

I love fashion and now that I’m almost 40, finding clothes is theeeee hardest thing for me! Now listen Linda…I’m not 20 anymore…I DO NOT wear crop tops haha (but if you can pull it off.. yassss girl.. do you!!  But I can NOT lol ) So I decided to seek out trends I love and I hope you love it too! 

-Sopheap Oum King

*For reference- I am the tallest. My beautiful family. My naughty daughter Bangy and my Handsome hubs AJ.