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Shop with Confidence. Browse our Men and Womens Western and Korean inspired fashion! From trendy tops to thin jackets and hoodies.

Plus size, kids and pets now available! Everyone is Welcome at Soph&Co.

Mix and match your style because why can’t you?

Soph&Co. is a place where you can mix and match your style.

  • Fall in Love with Yourself!

    Layer it up and get ready for fall. My favorite time of the year!

  • Guys..We didn’t forget about you

    We have the perfect collection for you too!

  • Tons of cute gifts and accessories

    Hey.. Pick something up for yourself while shopping for your loved one.. you deserve it!

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  • Be Trendy All Year Long

    Don’t sacrifice your style for comfort. Why not have both? Be bold. Make a statement.

  • Be Unique

    Why not be a trend setter? I believe in you!

  • So lets celebrate you

    Let’s celebrate our individuality and our own sense of style. I can not wait to add all sorts of pieces and collections for you to pair fun outfits that make you feel good and most importantly, feel like yourself!

  • We didn’t forget about your fur babies